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"This template is the greatest thing ever. It saves me so much time and is far more accurate and thought through than any financial model I have built on my own so far. You can’t be better prepared than this when you’re talking to investors. I love it"

Sophie - Audvice, Austria

"This is one of the best advanced mobile app templates out there! For anyone with a basic or solid financial background, this template encompasses everything you need! Coming into this without prior knowledge of how exactly an app makes money, the marketing funnel and the detailed users tab really helped for me to understand how pricing and costs come hand in hand. It goes in great detail for the specifics and Remi was very responsive and helpful! He took the time to see how I was getting along with the template and made sure to schedule a very informative 30 minute video call to go through the template and answer any questions I had. I highly recommend this template for anyone starting their own business or even an established business that wants to project for the future."

Rasha, Canada

"The modelling is extremely intuitive for my needs and presents the forecasting analysis well, which I'm sure will come in handy when pitching to investors. Remi was quickly on hand to answer any questions I had about the model and I will recommend to anyone needing to run 3-5 year forecasts for their SaaS business."

James Everest - WorkPanther, United Kingdom

"Rémi's model and custom service was excellent. Very responsive and highly recommended!"

Alan - Gloo, Denmark

"Your model is fantastic! We purchased the ecommerce template and used it for our fundraising round, which saved us a lot of headache and hundreds of hours!"

Elena - Logiven, United States

"Surprisingly easy to grasp for someone with limited financial background. Plus the structure makes it convenient to change any input and immediately see the impact on metrics and cashflow."

Carl - Xendit, Germany

"I started negotiations to raise with some investors. This is really helpful [...] What convinced me to buy the product is your wonderful experience."

Ahmad, Germany

"I'm very satisfied with the template. It is so comprehensive and well-structured ! Everything about Mobile App Business Plan Financial Projections is included ! And most importantly, it saves me the effort and eliminates the heavy calculations. Bravo!!"

Emma, France

"5 stars, without a doubt the best financial model on the market."

Philip - Lifepal, Australia

"I had used other paid templates in the past for ecommerce but nothing compared to what Remi's templates are. We used the ecommerce excel template for our online store, which I don't regret at all. Remi was super responsive to help us tweak the model so it fits our specific business."

Lena - October, Denmark

"We used Remi's services to design our financial plan for our advertising platform, I worked as CFO hand in hand with him throughout the project. Clear communication, no surprises, great work. Would love to have Remi onboard in the future again. Great service, thanks Remi!"

Alan, United Kingdom

"Remi was great! Very thorough and detail-oriented. He is a consummate professional and expert in his field. Remi brings a nice balance of real-world experience with technical expertise. He was able to quickly assess our needs, and execute flawlessly."

Zaid - Albilad Capital, Saudi Arabia

"I had been looking for a service like this for months and I could not be more pleased with the results."

Josh - Carousel, United States

"The template was very detailed and very good. Customer service is top notch. Rémi addressed all follow up questions as promised. Would highly recommend."

Daniil - Sensorium, United Kingdom

"As an early stage marketplace startup it’s really hard to know what assumptions I need to make and factors to take into account when coming up with the business model. The template is very thorough and the support I received in walking through the model was excellent in demystifying elements like churn and returning customers."

Charlotte - Facebook, Singapore

"Really impressed with Remi and the service delivered. He really took the time to understand our business and what we needed from the financial model. Would highly recommend to any business looking to build a detailed financial model."

Roberto - Prisepay, United Kingdom

"Customer support is fucking amazing. Got a conference call to explain everything right at the time I wanted and Remi made his best to help me in terms adapting the model to our needs."

Murat - 1Fit, Kazakhstan

"Great model, easy to use and understand. A real time saver even for finance professionals. Exceptional customer service, Remi goes the extra mile to help."

Caroline Marshall, France

"Exceptional customer experience. We're all in the same boat as entrepreneurs and Remi also is. Communication was easy, he goes to great length to support and answer any questions you might have on the model itself, or fundraising questions even. We loved it. Thanks Remi!"

Thomas, France

"Excellent financial models at great value and genuine expertise in a broad range of business and finance related topics. What began as a financial model template purchase has evolved into a broader consultancy role. I've been really impressed by the responsiveness, clarity in the communications and in-depth knowledge shown by Remi/Ventures Advisory. The financial models are great but they do take some interpreting if you are not familiar with the granularity and terminology. If you are serious about launching and building an eCommerce business, I would highly recommend spending some time and money on the financial side. YouTube and free downloads generally won't cut it and will waste a lot of hours sifting through noise. Remi offers a hands on consultancy service based on real world experience that can serve as a crash course and get you up to speed very quickly. He's been extremely helpful both offline and online to prepare our company for a funding round and advise on some of the broader considerations for a Start-up. Rarely do you find a service or online purchase these days that exceeds your expectations"

Josh - Hanubu, United Kingdom

"I purchased the mobile app social financial plan template for our seed funding round which clearly saved a lot of time to the team and myself. Great great price / quality ratio. Go ahead, eyes closed."

Muhammad, Beam - United Arab Emirates

"The model is quite clear. As I am not 100% familiar with SaaS business models, the model helps me identify key characteristics of this kind of structure, especially to forecast marketing costs and revenues, it's quite useful thank you!"

Virginie - Gumi, France

"Best value for money. You would pay at least 3,000$ a competent freelancer to realize the same output."

Akshay - Sprout, United States

"As most seed stage startups we do not have yet a CFO and getting Remi onboard to help on the business plan and fundraising was a big plus. We first purchased the marketplace template (quite good frankly) and finally decided to hire Remi's services to adapt the model even further to our needs."

Asper - Uncubed, Israel

"Even after spending a few years in finance I wasn't really yet knowledgeable about susbscription business models. Ventures Advisory's financial model templates are a huge leap for you to get your head around your own business revenues and expenses, and finally present a solid case to investors later on. Keep up the good work!"

Astrid - Clover, Norway

"Remi was great to work with. The model is very clean and easy to use."

Josh, United States

"Working with Remi was a pleasure. He quickly understood exactly what we needed and built a custom model for us that will prove immensely helpful to drive our business forward. I highly recommend him and his services to anyone that wants more than a superficial tool for understanding the levers of what makes their business work."

Ritz, United Kingdom