Ecommerce Financial Model

€149 (Expert)

  • All businesses (in-house & outsourced fulfillment - Amazon FBA)
  • 1 hour video included
  • 2 spreadsheets (Excel and Google Sheet)
  • Free support
  • Updated April 2021

What's inside the Ecommerce Financial Model (Expert)?

Navigate through the main tabs of the model template below

Lists key assumptions that flow through the model. This is your a simple tab where you can modify key inputs such as corporate tax rate, fiscal year end or first forecasted month without modifying any other tab. P&L, cash flow statement, balance sheet and metrics will automatically update accordingly in their respective tabs.

Exhaustive list of metrics and their evolution.

This tab includes all your key metrics. The charts give you a clear representation of the key financials and metrics specific to Ecommerce businesses.

Main tab, this is where all the different tabs flow though. Here you find the operating model i.e. the P&L, cash flow statement and balance sheet. All the following tabs flow through this sheet.

This tab calculates all Cost of Goods Sold expenses and their evolution based on a series of editable assumptions. Expenses are specific to Ecommerce businesses and include unit cost (outright and consignment), returns, cancellations, allowances for bad goods, etc. Flows through the Operating Model.

This tab calculates all SG&A expenses and their evolution based on a series of editable assumptions. Expenses are specific to Ecommerce businesses and include, among others, hosting, payment fees, customer support, etc. Flows through the Operating Model.

Detailed list of all FTEs per team (Management, Engineering, Business Development, Marketing, etc.) and salary costs. Flows through the Operating Model.

This tab analyzes your runway and cash burn and your runway.

How does this model compare to the Basic and Advanced templates?

Basic Advanced Expert
Price €49 €99 €149
Time scale 3 years 5 years 5 years
Fully editable
Free email support
1 hour video
Cash burn & fundraising analysis
Consolidated 3 financial statements
IFRS & GAAP compliant
Metrics report and charts
Repeat Buyers
Salary increase & indexation
Paid Acquisition channels 1 3 3
Outright & Consignment Outright only
Fulfillment In-house In-house In-house & outsourced (Amazon FBA)
SKUs categories 6 6 20
SKUs flexible launch & end dates
Employees bonuses (annual, quarterly and monthly)

How does it work? I show you how

Not everyone is an Excel wizard, nor a CFO.

That's why each Advanced financial model template comes with a 1 hour video where we walk you through, step by step, all the assumptions you can play with to build your own.

Any other questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This model is designed for entrepreneurs, startup founders or CFOs to forecast their financials for budgeting, valuation and/or fundraising purposes. It is a dynamic, complex and investor-friendly model template, with pre-built metrics and reports designed to be used in companies or investor presentations.

Our model templates are built so anyone with minimum knowledge of excel modelling, yet a good grasp of basic spreadsheet functions, can use the model and adapt it to their own business.

The model is pre-built with assumptions which can be changed by editing formulas. The assumptions will then flow through the rest of the model and the other tabs and update the dashboard, tables and charts automatically.

Once downloaded on your computer, the model can be used either with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet.

Absolutely, the model is fully editable. Assumptions and input cells are indicated by a colour code included in the Read tab, yet all the formulas are freely editable so you can adapt and change the model as you like.

Yes, we provide unlimited email support for both Basic and Advanced model templates, you can email me anytime and I'll make my best to respond within 24 hours. The Advanced template also includes a free optional 30mn. onboarding as well. Should you need further support, such as personal screensharing walkthrough or support to edit the model further, please contact me via our contact form.

Absolutely. I would love to help, please go to the Contact section and leave me a message detailing your request and I will respond within 24 hours to form a proposal.

Yes. Whilst you can use my templates to build and adapt your financial projections to your business, I can help you build a fully customized financial model as per your requirements. Please go to the Contact section and leave me a message detailing your request and I will respond within 24 hours to form a proposal.


Yes. Usually I help founders and startups build a financial model to include within their investor presentation. Please go to the Consulting page to schedule a free 15mn. call with us so we can form a proposal for your project.

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